Comparison: iOS 6 versus iOS 7

Apple has unveiled its much awaited iOS 7 beta version at the WWDC 2013 keynote. So far iOS 7 has been accepted with much appreciation for the revamped UI and the bundle of useful features that enhance multitasking. But how much of a competition does the new member of the iOS family pose for its predecessor? Here is a detailed comparison based on features and UI.

ios7 homescreen vs iOS6

Difference between iOS 7 and iOS 6 Design, UI and Specifications

 iOS 6 vs iOS 7 Beta: Design & UI:

ui design changes in iOS7

As we move from iOS 6 to iOS 7, Apple’s favorite skeuomorphic design makes way for a ‘flatter’ much transparent look.

  • iOS 7 icons are certainly more colorful than those on iOS 6
  • The boxes and borders have vanished from the ‘progress view’ and ‘picker view’.
  • There are more options for multi-tasking on the toolbar and tabbar.
  • iOS 7 has translucent UI elements, border less buttons and “flat” icons and clean layouts. Many of them are just outlines.
  • The design emphasis has shifted from the UI to the content.
  • The size of the app icons has been marginally increased from 114 pixels to 120 pixels in iOS 7.
  • The stock apps including mail, Safari, photos, music, calendar, weather, maps and Game centre get a revamped design on iOS 7.
  • Fonts are slimmer in the new OS.
  • Semi-transparent screens with a stacked look improve multitasking in iOS 7.
  • The signal bars in the upper left corner of the phone have been replaced with a series of dots.


iOS 6 vs iOS 7 Beta: Features and Specifications:

Most of the apps and features get an upgrade and new features for file sharing and iTunes have been introduced in the latest Apple OS.

  • Slide-to-unlock function is being introduced in the new OS.
  • A new control panel that scrolls up from the bottom of the screen for frequent access.
  • New animations for the weather app.
  • Built-in apps feature sliding and gesture based navigation on iOS 7.
  • The 12-16 app limit has been replaced by folders that can support hundreds of apps.
  • Notification centre can be viewed from the lock screen and you can control the number of notifications you want to view at once. This eliminates viewing the same notifications over and over again, as was the case in iOS 6.
  • Apps can be updated in the background without any effect on the battery life. This also enables multi-tasking support for all apps and not just the limited services or stock apps that iOS 6 was constricted to.
  • Safari features full-screen browsing and flip-card tab overview which strikes a similarity to the Google chrome OS.
  • The separate search bar is gone and you can now perform searches right from the address bar.
  • AirDrop is a new feature in iOS 7 that lets you share content with other iOS users through the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Siri in iOS 7 features a flat new interface and has new voices, so you can choose from either a female or male voice in English, French, or German. It can also control functions such as toggling Bluetooth or controlling brightness and playing back voicemail messages and can search Twitter, Bing and Wikipedia.
  • One of the biggest upgrades in iOS 7 is the new music player, which features a brand-new user interface and Apple’s new iTunes Radio service.

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