Download Android App APK from Google Play using Real APK Leecher

Android is currently the world’s favorite app platform. It has thousands of applications for various Android devices – from all genres of entertainment and general needs. There are many app stores like Google play which helps us to easily avail these apps. When the popularity for these apps grew to leaps and bounds within a short span of time, their demand also grew beyond the limited platform of Android OS.

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APK files are the first step to the installation of any Android app. To download these directly on to your smartphone or tablet on the go could be a problem, especially in the case of slow or weak network connections. It would be better to download these files to your PC with a stronger internet connection in such cases. Also, apk files can be downloaded on to your PC to be installed on a non-android OS using an emulator.

Here we will talk about,

How to Download Android apk files from Google Play store using ‘Real APK Leecher’

As Google play needs a Google account and checks for android compatibility in your device, it is not possible to download and install Android apps directly on to your PC. You need to either download an APK file for the app or use a android emulator.

Real APK Leecher is a Java application that helps to find and download Android apps from Google Play to your desktop directly, using a Gmail account. The apk files can be later transferred on to the handheld device or tablet to complete the installation.

Real APK Leecher Features :

real apk leecher google play extract

  • Intuitive user friendly interface to search the Android market for free apps and download them to your PC.
  • Commercial apps that have already been purchased using your google account can also be downloaded.
  • A Gmail account and password is required and the device ID of your Android phone as well. These connection details have to be configured prior to the search.
  • Instructions to obtain the device ID is displayed in the ‘options’ window.
  • Search can be filtered using vendor or app name as a keyword.
  • Results are displayed in a table, which can also be filtered for app name and icon, package, vendor, version, file size and license details.
  • Single click download using the right click menu.
  • Similar apps can be searched later.
  • File name and download location can be customized
  • Option to scan existing APK folders to compare versions for upgrade.

Download and install Real APK Leecher Android App :

  • Requirements – Android device and Java on PC

Download Real APK Leecher Android App

  • Once the download is complete, run and install the exe. file on your PC.

real apk leecher device ID

  • When the installation is complete, enter your Google id, password and Android device ID.

How to get the device ID;

  • Dial *#*#8255#*#* from your Android device.
  • Gtalk Service Monitor screen will be opened.
  • Here you need to look for the lines containing JID and Device ID.
  • Choose language and country and specify the downloading location.
  • Save settings to start exploring and downloading apk files.

For more info follow Real APK Leecher XDA Thread here


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