Google Nexus S 4G ROMs List

Google Nexus S 4G (D720) is an Android Smartphone  released in May 2011. It has Android OS v2.3 Ginger bread. The Samsung Nexus S 4G offers a brilliant display, WiMax support, 4G, and great performance. Below you will find fast Nexus S 4G ROMs, Stable Nexus S 4G ROMs Jellybean based and ICS Based.

Google Nexus S 4G Custom ROMs

Helly Bean Nightly (CM 10.1) (4.2.2) – Helly Bean ROM is built from latest CM 10.1 sources. But there are lots of additional changes done to the ROM. Also it includes attest kernel. It is fast and stable. For details about its additional features Link

Nexus S 4G CustOM romS

Jelly Shot v3.0 (4.2.2) – Jelly Shot is an Android 4.2.2 formed tradition ROM that is giveaway from bloat ware and comes with tons of facilities with a lot of optimizations. This ROM brings a latest Jelly Bean to your phone and is really stable, discerning and an energy firmware. It’s a very light ROM with minimal customizations. For further details about the ROM Here

Slim Bean Stable (4.2.1) – Slim Bean is known for its listed below standard features. It is really Slim also the notification drawer Shortcut and full hardware key rebinding. Also Keyboard rotation and Slim Centre. For information about installation of Slim Bean build Here

Other ROMs for Google Nexus S 4G

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