HTC Amaze 4G Custom ROMs List

HTC Amaze 4G (ruby) is an Android Smartphone.  It was released in October 2011. It has Android OS v2.3.4 Ginger Bread which is upgradable to v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. HTC Amaze has  4G’s 1GB of RAM and dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S3 CPU. If you are looking for Fast and stable ROMs for HTC Amaze 4G then find out all the Jellybean based and ICS based ROMs below,

Best ROMs for HTC Amaze 4G

Speed ROM 3.1.0 (2.14) – As defined by Speed ROM in a ROM 3 things are very important which are – speed, battery life and sexiness. So it tries to provide you with all the things in their ROM.  This ROM is fusion of Speed ROM 8.0 ICS with Jelly Bean. For information about the features of the ROM Link

HTC Amaze 4G custom roms

Fourth Bar Sense 3.0 (S3) (2.3.4) – Fourth Bar is a highly themed and slimmed down Sense 3.0 Rom that is one of the few Roms to use the Aroma custom installer. This installer lets you decide what boot animation you would like, whether you want the led button lights on or off, and even which apps you would like installed. For more information Link

Fourth Bar Nexus Beta 1.1 (2.14) – Fourth Bar Nexus is AOSP themed with AOSP apps and it’s awesome even though it is plain. As it is built on Sense 3.6 base. This ROM seeks out to replicate the look and the functionality of the AOSP software on the Galaxy Nexus. It also comprises of features which are based on AOSP. To have look on the features and updates Link

Energy ROM (S3.6) (2.3.4) – Energy ROM is works for speed. It also can be considered to be eye candy as it has great looks. But that doesn’t mean that it will make you compromise on stability and smoothness. In fact it is smooth and consistent and also has good aesthetics. Also it manages stability through private beta testing. For more information Link

Other ROMs available for HTC Amaze

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