How to Remove Pre-Installed Demo Games from Nokia Asha Phones

Remove Pre Installed games from Nokia Asha phones – Nokia Asha have captured a chunk of the Indian Smartphone market with its affordability and exciting features. Easily described as the common man’s Smartphone from a highly reputed brand, Asha series has received much demand in the low range Smartphone category. Models like 311 are much desired for its features that include 3G, Wi-Fi, 1 GHz processor etc and take the top spot among the current Nokia Asha family.

On the downside, the most common complaint regarding this series is the presence of pre-loaded demo games that take up a good chunk of the already limited internal memory storage. Furthermore, these demos seem to be impossible to uninstall. These system apps and games have been locked up with the firmware and there is no ‘straight’ solution for removing them from your device. However, here’s how you can get around the problem and eliminate the junk.

remove Nokia Asha pre installed games

How to Remove Bloatware Demo Games from Nokia Asha Phones

Solution: Install the same game again and then delete them! You can re-install duplicates for the game you wish to remove and then later remove both the duplicate and the original pre-installed system app. However, you will have to source these demo games to re-install them. Just follow the steps given below and use the link mentioned to source the games:

  • To reinstall the demo games, download them your PC. You can download a zip file for all the demo games from here
  • Once the download is complete, extract the compressed files into a new folder and save on your PC.
  • Connect your phone to the PC via USB data cable and transfer the new folder to your phone. You can either transfer it to the phone’s internal storage or the external memory card.
  • Once the transfer is completed, go to the ‘Files’ menu on your phone and browse to the new folder that you just copied to the device.
  • Open the folder and first install the games that you wish to remove from your phone.
  • Once the duplicates of the games you want to remove are installed, go back to the Home screen.
  • Find the icons for the games you want to remove and long press on them. A red cross (x) will appear on the top right. Click on this to remove the game. (In some models, you may have to swipe to the left, when a grid appears)
  • You may find that, even after clicking on the cross sign, the icon remains on your home screen. This is because in your first attempt, the pre-loaded protected version of the game is removed. You will have to repeat the process once more to delete the duplicate also.
  • Once you have repeated this process for all the games you wish to remove, restart your phone.
  • You should be able to see your home screen minus the unwanted game/app icons.

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