The EMC Information Storage and Management Certification is a Great Starting Point

For the most comprehensive over view of IT storage and management, look into EMC’s Information Storage and Management certification and education program. Beginning with this will not only prepare you for the next stage in many certification tracks, but it will also ensure that you know all the basic and general knowledge that will be present throughout all IT storage career tracks. Having this foundational knowledge as the base of your IT skills is extremely important, because further skills you acquire will be based on and evolved from these. Without such skills, you will have trouble differentiating yourself from colleagues and carving out a niche, successful career.

emc cerification

This is a great starting point for individuals new to IT or new to the storage field. No experience is required to earn this certification. In fact, candidates can obtain a vast amount of knowledge by enrolling in the training course offered by EMC’s education program. In class instructor led training is the best way to get the most out of the program, although an independent learning video, textbook, eLearning options, and practice exams can also be utilized.

Classic, virtualized, and cloud environments will all be covered. Participants will get an introduction to information storage while getting an overview of a complete storage system, storage networking technologies, backup and archiving, data replication, and how to effectively secure and manage a storage infrastructure. Once earning this certification, you will be knowledgeable of major storage concepts, solution building, and the transformation from classic to virtualized infrastructures. With EMC’s Information Storage and Management associate level certification, you can enter the IT storage field with confidence and finesse.

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The EMC Information Storage and Management Certification is a Great Starting Point, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating